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The much-anticipated November All Members Meeting is almost upon us.  It has been a very busy fall season, and it is also hard to believe that 2018 is almost behind us as well.  With the change to three in-person Forum meetings, sometimes it seems like forever between opportunities to have face-to-face dialog with so many important payments industry members.

When we meet this time in Oak Brook, IL, on the former McDonalds headquarters campus, we expect to hear more from issuers and merchants about preparations for 3D Secure 2.0 now that testing and implementation has begun.  There will also be a mixed panel discussion on the potential importance and impact of new industry standards and specifications featuring the FIDO specification for online authentication; W3C in-browser payments security; Secure Remote Commerce for streamlined online check-out; and 3D Secure online fraud mitigation tools.  Each of these specifications will have an impact on reducing fraud in the online channels, much like EMV has reduced fraud in the card-present channels.

Transportation payments has taken on increased importance as the U.S. prepares to roll out contactless cards in the near future.  How those cards will be authenticated when presented at transit readers that must respond within half a second has been the focus of the Transit and Contactless Payments Working Committee in 2018.  To fully address what is happening to enable EMV contactless payments in transit, the Forum has organized a full day workshop on Nov.  5, the day before the full member meeting.  Workshop speakers include payments networks, issuers, transit agencies, mobile ticketing providers, and transit payments integrators. They’ll discuss the requirements for cities like New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and others to benefit from payment cards issued with dual-interface EMV contact and contactless features and from increased consumer adoption of mobile wallets delivering tokenized EMV payments through the NFC interface.

This in-depth discussion and review of the next implementation steps and challenges facing our payments ecosystem will shape the direction of major payments changes affecting payments acceptance and security into 2019.   

That will help in the planning for our next big gathering in March, in Phoenix, where the 2019 Payments Summit and March U.S. Payments Forum will hold a combined meeting and conference event.  Look for more information on that exciting event over the next several weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a healthy and prosperous holiday shopping season.

New Payments Resources from the Forum

The Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee published a major update to the technical framework for transit acceptance of contactless open payments, Transit Contactless Open Payments: Technical Solution for Pay As You Go.  The updated white paper identifies and provides guidance for technical solutions that could be used to implement contactless open payments in transit for two use cases: Use Case 1 – Pay As You Go/Card and Use Case 2 – Pay As You Go/Mobile Device.  Additional use cases based on other scenarios outlined in the white paper are expected to be addressed by the Working Committee in future projects.  The Nov. 5th Transit Payments Workshop is providing detailed education on the updated framework and also includes a multi-stakeholder panel discussing framework implementation considerations and challenges.


The U.S. Payments Forum Steering Committee published a new white paper, Dual-Interface Card Personalization, to provide the issuance community with an educational resource on offline data authentication (ODA) and offer recommendations for issuing and personalizing dual-interface cards for the U.S. market. The paper provides an overview of the differences between EMV contact and dual-interface card personalization, the process for personalizing cards to support ODA, and the ODA transaction process. 


The Steering Committee also published the white paper, Canadian Card Technical Acceptance, to provide guidance and clarification to merchants, acquirers, point-of-sale (POS) terminal vendors and POS solution integrators on application selection logic used by U.S. POS terminals to avoid certain interoperability issues when processing Canadian cards. This guidance was developed to help prevent transaction processing issues due to incorrect AID selection for Canadian cards resulting in failed transactions.

Update from the Forum Steering Committee 

The Forum will hold its annual election for ten expiring Steering Committee seats in November and December.  The cross-industry Steering Committee sets Forum strategy, manages all Forum activities, and has dedicated seats for acquirers/processors, global and domestic payment networks, industry suppliers, issuers, and merchants.  Nominations and election information will be distributed to all members in November.


The Forum Steering Committee is currently working on updates to previously published guidance on PIN bypass for contactless transactions.  Project team participation is open to all members.  Please contact Cathy Medich if you’d like to participate in this project.

Working Committee Projects Update

ATM Working Committee

The ATM Working Committee has been working on a white paper regarding contactless acceptance at the ATM.  The white paper is currently in the review process and will be published before the end of the year.

CNP Fraud Working Committee

The CNP Fraud Working Committee continues to make progress on two white papers: the true cost of fraud and fraud prevention pathways.


Communication & Education Working Committee

 The Communication and Education Working Committee has been very active, working on four projects that will be beneficial to the industry: 

  • A transit payments 101 webinar to provide a high-level overview and implementation guidance for transit requirements for open payments
  • An educational website to provide targeted education on contactless payments for issuers, retailers and restaurant staff and customers
  • A white paper outlining best practices for the contactless point-of-sale experience
  • Development of a four-part ‘lunch and learn’ webinar series that will focus on mobile wallets.  The series will debut in January 2019

Mobile & Contactless Payments Working Committee

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee is working on a number of projects including: 

  • A white paper to discuss lessons learned regarding tokenization implementation
  • An educational resource on use case cases for wallet identifiers for mobile payments

Petro Working Committee

The Petro Working Committee continues to make progress towards producing a white paper to outline the requirements for EMV in a fleet card environment. 


Testing and Certification Committee

The Testing and Certification Working Committee has begun working on a project that will identify challenges with contactless EMV Level 3 certification.


Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee 

The Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee recently published Transit Contactless Open Payments: Technical Solution for Pay As You Go, which includes guidance for both contactless EMV chip card and NFC-enabled mobile device use cases.  The committee is now focusing on the use case for aggregated transactions and the Transit Workshop on November 5th.  


For more information on Working Committee projects that are in process, please contact Devon Rohrer, drohrer@uspaymentsforum.org

Other New Payments Resources

The Forum sponsored a half-day workshop, The Mobile Wallet Landscape: Merchant and Issuer Considerations, at the Mobile Payments Conference on August 22, in Chicago.  Forum members presented content from the Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee’s mobile wallet white paper published earlier this year. 


The workshop presentations are posted on the Forum web site.  Speakers included:  Deborah Baxley, PayGility Advisors; Marianne Crowe, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Art Harper, PSCU; Mina Malak, G+D Mobile Security; Cathy Medich, U.S. Payments Forum; Laura Townsend, Merchant Advisory Group.

New Members

  • CA Technologies
  • Crane Payment Innovations 

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Save the Date!  March 2019 Meeting in Phoenix

The first U.S. Payments Forum in-person meeting of 2019 will be held March 11-13, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. For the second year, this meeting is being held in conjunction with the Secure Technology Alliance 2019 Payments Summit, the premier payments industry conference.  Please keep in mind that U.S. Payments Forum Members are welcome to attend the U.S. Payments Forum working committee sessions and the Payments Summit conference sessions, making this an even greater opportunity to learn, participate and network than the traditional two-day Forum meeting. Registration is open now; take a moment today to sign up and secure your hotel and travel arrangements. We look forward to seeing you!

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